Believe - Belong - Become

Waiau Pa is a semi-rural school located 15 mins from Papakura and Pukekohe. 

The school is set in magnificent grounds with native trees, extensive play areas and attractive buildings and classrooms. There are approximately 350 pupils years 1-8. We provide a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy and recognise the talents and abilities of all our students through a range of exciting and varied programmes. 

These programmes include:

Waiau Pa enhances student learning through digital technology, a values-based curriculum, and a specialist music/performing arts program. 

At Waiau Pa, our core business is teaching & learning, providing nothing but the best experiences for our students both in and out of, the classroom.

 The arts, sports, and culture are valued and are an integral part of our varied programme.

We are proud of 'Our Place'. 

Telephone:   09 2321753  

Fax:   09 2321783


Street Address:   571 Waiau Pa Road, R D 4 PUKEKOHE 2679

Postal Address:   571 Waiau Pa Road, R D 4 PUKEKOHE 2679


Was so great to see the school in black to show support for the All Blacks facing off in the Rugby world cup on Sunday! 

Lots of passionate supporters out there from all ages!! 

Photos captured by Harriet House - Media Team



Tuesday 31st January - Staff only day

Wednesday 1st February - Thursday 6th April


Wednesday 26th April - Friday 30th June


Monday 17th July - Friday 22nd September


Monday 9th October - Tuesday 19th December (TBC)

What a Suprise! 

On Thursday 16th February, we welcomed some special guests from Ebbet Pukekohe.

Early in November 2022, Ebbet Pukekohe approached Mr. Clark with a sponsership deal. They would give us a school van to use for school events and travel if we advertised their business.  Ebbet Pukekohe are known for supporting schools, and sports teams. Locals supporting locals. 

Kaiya Smith and Andy Jackson came to our school to give us this gift. Waiau Pa School held a Whakatau to welcome them into our community and show gratitude for their generous gift to our school. 

Everyone is so grateful for this van, and we look forward to using it for sports events, Jump Jam, William Pike, and more. 

Thank you Ebbet Pukekhoe.

Kaiya and Andy with our 2023 Student Leadership Team 

Miss Grey and Mr Clark with Andy and Kaiya