The Waiau Pa School PTA is a group of parents who are committed to providing support to Waiau Pa School – students, staff and families. Our aim is to work together to help our children and the school succeed. Our main focuses are to:

• fundraise for additional resources for the school

• promote positive interactions between families and the school

We meet once a term in the staff room.

Current Office holders:

Naomi O'Brien - Chairperson

Tamara Kirkbride - Secretary

Katrina Hunter - Treasurer

Our major fundraiser for 2021 will be Calf Club on 1st October 2021.

We will also be holding school discos, supporting the school production and grandparents day.

If you have any suggestions, would like more information, or want to become involved please email the PTA - waiaupapta@gmail.com

Please click on the PTA social picture to sign onto our PTA Social app for organising events. Your help is always appreciated!

WPSPTA Update 4.pdf