Our Student Leadership Team

2023 Head Students

Congratulations to 

Oli Yee and Matilda Denne

for being elected as 

Waiau Pa's 2022

 Head Boy and Head Girl. 

2023 Whānau Leaders

Every student who enrols at Waiau Pa School is put into a Whānau  group.  The Whānau  groups are used for sports events, behaviour and school work and the points are allocated to the student's Whānau group.  When sporting / swimming events are held the students are asked to dress up in their Whānau  colour. Points are accumulated throughout the year for each group and the winning Whānau anau receives a cup at the end of year prizegiving.  The Whānau  are named after local families in the District. The Leaders are chosen by the students & teachers the year prior and are announced at the end of year prizegiving.

Cole Whānau 

Pippa Wilson 

and Zac Kelso 

Matheson Whānau 

Matilda Denne 

and Presley Lunjevich 

Clark Whānau 

Charlee-Rose Morrison

 and Oli Yee 

Millen Whānau 

Anaya Fairhall 

and Ethan Faulkner 

With a view to raising our student leadership profile we have a variety of extra student leadership responsibilities - including:

Media Leaders 

Elsa, Harriet and Juliette

Sports Leaders

Chad, Izzy, Liam and Lizzy (absent)

Enviro Leaders

Jane, Matthew and Quinn

Cultural Leaders

Kaydn, Briaden, Tamzin, Eden and Alec (absent) 

ICT Leaders

Ronan, Elliot, Samuel and Liam 

Events Leaders

MJ, Tia, Alex and Olivia